Add SCORM completions to your video

How can you ensure that your learners watch 45 minutes of your 1 hour induction video which is hosted on Vimeo?

Video 2 Scorm lets you use Vimeo, Youtube, a HLS stream or your own uploaded files and performs a completion when the user watches a set amount of the video.

You can optionally hide the "scrubber" bar (the draggable item that lets users skip ahead or back in a video) so your learners can't skip ahead, plus choose when to start and end a video (in case you only want to show a portion of a longer peice without having to edit and re-upload it).

Simply select your video source, then set a marker which identifies where the video will complete, then download a SCORM-compatible ZIP file.

  • Search vimeo, or enter a video id or url
  • Enter direct link to Video

    Url must be a direct link to the video file. e.g.

    Supports MP4, OGG, WEBM, M3U8

  • Search youtube, or enter a video id or url

    Note: advertising and cards on YouTube content is not able to be removed or hidden.

Drag the start (S) and end (E) video markers to indicate the portion of the video you want to show. Drag the completion marker (C) to where you want the video to be considered complete.