• Search vimeo, or enter a video id or url
  • Enter direct link to Video

    Url must be a direct link to the video file. e.g. https://bitdash-a.akamaihd.net/content/MI201109210084_1/m3u8s/f08e80da-bf1d-4e3d-8899-f0f6155f6efa.m3u8

    Supports MP4, OGG, WEBM, M3U8

  • Search youtube, or enter a video id or url

    Note: advertising and cards on YouTube content is not able to be removed or hidden.

  • Import from Cloud

    Connect to a cloud provider such as Dropbox or Google Drive to import the video. Please see our documentation for information regaring file permissions for common cloud providers.

    Once your file is selected, please be patient as the content will be downloaded to the app. This may take some time.

Drag the start (S) and end (E) video markers to indicate the portion of the video you want to show. Drag the completion marker (C) to where you want the video to be considered complete.