Video to Scorm

Be a media ninja! Convert video and audio files to a HTML5 SCORM package. Get a completion for watching some or all of a video.

Works with YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud or upload your own video.

Add completions to your video

Your learners need to watch at least 45 minutes of the 1 hour induction video which is hosted on Vimeo. How will you guarentee that your learners are watching enough? This tool writes a SCORM wrapper and tracks the amount of the video that has been watched and performs a completion event.

You can optionally hide the "scrubber" bar (the draggable item that lets users skip ahead or back in a video) so your learners can't skip ahead, plus choose when to start and end a video (in case you only want to show a portion of a longer peice without having to edit and re-upload it).

Why use streaming media such as YouTube or Vimeo?

The best reasons is that you don't pay for the data transfer delivering video. You also don't have to account for transient network conditions and browser variations or mobile issues. Using online providers means they solve those problems.

Supported formats

You can upload your own MP4 file from your computer or import from your Cloud-based services (dropbox, google drive, box, onedrive etc).

We also support streaming providers such as YouTube and Vimeo and Amazon S3.

Other streaming services such as Facebook, DailyMotion, Dacast/Vzaar, Microsoft Stream, IGTV and so on are in the works - we're always working to expand the list of providers - let us know if you need something specific.